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In 2009, the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a grant to Gasworks, Lambeth Archives and the Remembering Olive Collective to make Olive Morris’ memory public. The Your Heritage grant allowed the training in cataloguing, archiving and oral history skills of ROC members, as well as the creation of the Olive Morris Collection, hosted by Lambeth Archives and accessible to the public since October 2009. The grant further permitted the publication of the book Do you remember Olive Morris?


All photographs published in this blog are courtesy of the Olive Morris Collection at Lambeth Archives unless otherwise stated. Copyright remains with the authors. Unfortunately we have been unable to establish the name of the persons who took some the pictures. If you recognise any of the photographs as your own, please get in touch via the Comments box at the end of this page, so the mistake can be rectified.

Some of the photographers who were documenting Black activism in Brixton are known to have made pictures of Olive Morris. Their names are:

Neil Kenlock: Official photographer to the British Black Panther movement, Neil Kenlock’s work documented the rallies, racism and upheaval during the 1970s and early 1980s in London. He can be contacted at: 07831 832 672

Danny D’Acosta: Still runs a photographic studio on Dulwich Road.

Bob Bray: Photographer of the Brixton Boss – a spreadsheet that routinely reported on the attempted evictions form Railton Road squats.


Thanks to the following individuals and organisations for their help and support:

Liz Obi – Activist, friend of Olive and Chair of ROC

Mike McColgan – Activist and long-term partner of Olive Morris

Yana, Jennifer, Jimmy, Ferron and Errol Morris – Olive Morris’ siblings

Tamara Lewis – Olive Morris’ niece

Neil Kenlock – Photographer and founder of Choice FM

Oniel Williams – Principal Librarian, Lambeth Community Services Library

Devon Thomas – Activist and friend of Olive Morris

Ego Ahaiwe – Director of Lambeth Women’s Project

Sandra Hurst – Consultant and co-founder of Black Roof and Sabarr Bookshop

Kelly Foster – Black Cultural Archives

Tim O’Dell – Acting Reader Development Officer, Brixton Library

Jon Newman and Anne Ward – Lambeth Archives

Maureen Roberts – London Metropolitan Archives

Lucia Pizzani and Ermiyas Mekonnen – for photographs of weblog launch

Intellectual Property

This blog will be archived at the Lambeth Landmarks website and by the British Library. As a result of this we would like to ensure that all contributors to the blog, including those that leave comments, are aware of this process.

By submitting your comment you are automatically giving ROC (Remembering Olive Collective), Lambeth Landmarks and the British Library permission to store and publish it. However if you wish to withdraw this permission, you will need to do so by getting in touch with us through the comment box at the bottom of this page.

The Do you remember Olive Morris blog and its contents (unless otherwise stated) is published and licensed by ROC for public use under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 UK. This means people will be able to share and remix the material, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes and they credit ROC as the source.

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  1. 1 Jo Kirk
    September 9, 2016 at 6:51 pm

    I had some surprise visitors today – some old friends of Olive Morris knocked on my door. I’ve rented here since 2010 but was shocked to discover she lived here at 2 Talma Road. I’ve now seen a photo of her on the doorstep! As they left they mentioned the house should have a plaque. If you have any information on the time she spent here I would be really grateful. I’m not sure how to find out as obviously it was a squat and not sure what records there are.

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