Black Life Brixton. Unknown Year-1973. London: Black Panther Movement.

Black People’s News Service. 1968-1972. London: Black Panther Movement in Britain.

Black Voice. Unknown Years. London: Black Unity & Freedom Party.

BPM National and International Bulletin. Unknown Year-1972. London: Black Panther Movement

Chapter Magazine. 1971. London: White Panther Party UK

FORWAAD. 1978-1982. London: OWAAD.

Freedom News. 1972-1973. London: Black Panther Movement and Black Workers Movement.

Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies. 1999-Today. United Kingdom: Routledge.

Marxism Today. 1980-1991. London.

Race and class : the journal of the Institute of Race Relations. London: Institute of Race Relations.

Race Today Publications. 1969-1988. London: Runnymede Trust, Institute of Race Relations and The Institute of Race Relations.

South London Press. 1865-today. London.

Speak Out. Unkown Years. London: Brixton Black Women’s Group.

Squatters Bulletin. Unkown Years. London: Squatters Advisory Service.

The Black Liberator. 1971-1978. Chicago: AX Cambridge.


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