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Taking the Women’s Suffrage movement as a point of departure, Camden VOX has commissioned four women artists to produce a series of posters that explore ideas of Equality, Place, Power and Identity. The first project, by Claudette Johnson, features a series of posters she created in homage to leading black women activists, including Olive Morris. The posters are exhibited in the atrium at Swiss Cottage Library from June to 8 August at Swiss Cottage Library, free entrance, 10am-8pm.

Claudette Johnson first heard of Olive Morris (1952 – 1979) on a visit to the Abasindi Co-Op during a residency at Manchester Art Gallery in 1986. When walking into the centre, Johnson was told “You look like Olive.” Morris was a vibrant and fearless activist on all kinds of fronts: for women, for black people, for the poor and for the dispossessed. The experience of attending the OWAAD (Organisation of Women of Asian and African Descent) conference, which Morris co-founded, had a profound effect on Johnson’s thinking as a first year Fine Art student in Manchester. Johnson describes Morris as an inspirational figure who illustrated what courage, intelligence and compassion can achieve in even a short period of time.



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  1. 1 hhopecreative
    July 15, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    Thank you so much for this, I will definitely be checking this exhibition out!

    My name is Holly Newman and I am studying for a Masters in Research, with my project focusing on the erasure of Black British women in the British Black Panthers. I firstly want to thank you for this wonderful blog which has helped so much with my research and, more importantly, enlightened me on the extraordinary life and activism of Olive Morris. I have been trying to get in contact for some time as, just like your great work with the Remembering Olive Collective, my project aims to challenge the lack of visibility of Black British female activism.

    Here is my email address if you are available: holly.newman@myport.ac.uk

    Kind regards.

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