The trip to China

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Olive Morris was both an avid traveler and an internationalist. Towards the end of her life she was to visit China with a delegation of British people, possibly Marxists with whom she had made contact during her University years in Manchester.

These photographs of the trip to China show a more mature Olive, with the same confidence of her younger years but perhaps a little less fury.

Olive Morris in China

Olive Morris in China

It pains to see her relaxed and happy face in this picture by the water, and to think that someone who looks so at ease in the world was to die so soon.

The stamps on her passport indicate that she traveled via Hong Kong, arriving there on August 11 1977 and departing for mainland on August 12 1977. On September 3 1977 she returns to the UK again via Hong Kong.

China trip

If you have any information about this trip, or were in the same party, please use the comments box below to share your memories.

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